Equitable Girls in an Equitable Society: Our Vision for Advocacy

Girls Incorporated is committed to vigorous advocacy for all girls. We recognize our responsibility to address publicly the social issues and public policies that seriously affect girls’ lives. Advocacy is found in all aspects of our work: public education, program development, research, publications, legislative and legal action, speeches, coalition building, and media relations.

Girls Incorporated is committed to vigorous advocacy by girls. By advocating on their own behalf, girls come to think of themselves as leaders at a young age. Through assessing community needs and taking action to improve their communities, girls learn that they can influence positive change. Girls grow to understand, exercise, and protect their rights and the rights of others.


Girls Incorporated is committed to providing opportunities for girls to learn about and exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and leadership in a democracy. Girls are entitled to learn to analyze alternatives, to assess the long-range implications of their choices, to act on their beliefs, and to take responsibility for the consequences.

In a democracy citizens have responsibilities to vote, to help shape the laws, to abide by the laws, and to contribute to the common good. Girls Incorporated encourages girls to understand and practice these roles during their childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. We provide opportunities for girls to learn about and engage in the political process, and see their own potential as future officeholders.


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Taking Action is a toolkit for girls ages 15-18 to build their skills in advocacy, leadership, and community action. With a focus on girls’ health, and an extension of our Healthy Sexuality Program, Taking Action expands on teens’ learning about values and rights regarding healthy sexuality and relationships. Through this program, and with adults who believe in their rights and abilities, girls learn, girls decide, and girls take action.

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