Healthy Sexuality Activities

As part of our Healthy Sexuality program, we have a staff member dedicated to providing Healthy Sexuality curriculum to local middle and high schools. Healthy Sexuality Facilitator Kiersten Aubre travels to almost every middle and high school in Wayne and Union Counties to deliver a week-long curriculum to over 2,000 students. From anatomy to consent to practicing assertive communication, students learn the skills they  need to make informed choices about their sexual health.

Interested in learning more about what this week-long curriculum looks like? Check out the daily schedule and try out one of our interactive Healthy Sexuality activities below!

Day 1: How does the body work?

Topics covered:

  • Anatomy
  • Puberty

Day 2: How do I make decisions about sexual activity?

Topics Covered:

  • Values
  • Influences

Activity: What I Care About Handout

Day 3: What about my partner?

Topics covered:

  • Consent
  • Healthy Relationships

Activity: Asking Assertively Scenarios Handout

Day 4: What are the consequences?

Topics Covered:

  • Fertilization and Pregnancy
  • STIs

Day 5: How do I talk about all of this?

Topic Covered:

  • Practicing Assertive Communication

Activity: Door Openers Handout