2016 Inspiring Honoree

Jo Rosa Lucas

Jo is a visionary and woman of action. Jo grew up in a service-minded, community-oriented family with a small,
local business (Rosa’s Office Plus). She spent her life advancing causes and improving her community and the broader culture.
In 1968 she was part of a needs assessment that led to the forming of Girls Club, where she served as the first President.
Jo’s mother, Becky, was another Girls Club/Girls Inc. matriarch, who spoke with love and pride of her daughter.

Jo’s passionate advocacy includes issues ranging from the needs of girls and women to human and reproductive rights
to social and global justice. Jo served on the board of the Chamber of Commerce, Sansouci, In leadership of the United Way,
Zonta, Planned Parenthood and Columbus Peace Fellowship.

Jo is active in the First Presbyterian Church in Columbus working on a variety of scales. She has led educational workshops
for her local congregation, coordinated regionally to find homes for displaced refugees and worked and traveled
internationally on behalf of the Bright Stars of Bethlehem program.

Jo and her late husband Jim owned and operated an independent office supply company serving
Columbus and Bloomington, IN. Jo has three daughters and seven grandchildren.

Congratulations, Jo Lucas!