2016 Smart Honoree

Erica Kretchman

Dr. Erica Kretchman is a Board Certified Endocrinologist employed with Reid Health Physician Associates.
Erica practices outpatient medicine, working with patients with diabetes, insulin pumps, thyroid/parathyroid disease,
adrenal and pituitary dysfunction, gonadal disorders, and osteoporosis. She enjoys working with her patients
to solve their difficult medical illnesses. Erica loves sharing knowledge and her personal experience
with her own disease management to help solve patients’ issues.

Her colleagues speak highly of her, one stating “She is an amazing physician who has built a tremendous practice with
staff, colleagues and patients who love her. Dr. Kretchman is always willing and eager to work with residents and help
her team be the best they can be.” Her patients also show their gratitude, sometimes returning to her office
to bestow health updates and hugs upon her.

Erica’s generosity extends beyond her immediate practice and into the community. She graciously welcomed one of
Girls Inc.’s members—an aspiring doctor—to job shadow her. Her and her husband have two children, Elise and Cameron.

Congratulations, Dr. Erica Kretchman!