Diversity and Inclusiveness Statement

Diversity and inclusiveness is defined as the acceptance, tolerance, honoring and valuing of differences in culture, lifestyles, heritage, and knowledge.  This includes all the similarities and differences that make us diverse internally, externally, or situationally and may include, but not be limited to: age, appearance, communication style, economic status, educational background, employer, gender identification, sexual orientation, geographic location, job type/title, language, race/ethnicity, learning style, management status, marital status, mental abilities, nationality, parental status, physical abilities, political affiliation, religion, seniority/tenure, sex/gender, veteran status, work experience, or work location.

Girls Inc. recognizes that it is essential for the organization to include the values of diversity and inclusiveness as part of our strategy to achieve our vision and mission.  Our commitment to these values will be demonstrated through training of all our people, cultivation of these principles, and on-going periodic review of our progress in the following:

  • Thought, decisions, strategies, and resources.
  • Our people (which includes management, staff, volunteers, and funders) in a way that is reflective of the girls and communities that we serve.
  • The delivery of our programs and other services.

It is only through the sustained and ongoing commitment and effort to this value that we can bring unique, creative, and vital people with varying differences and views to the organization.

Girls Incorporated is committed to diversity in principle and practice. We work to make our organization welcoming and accessible to all girls. Our commitment is founded in our communal sense of justice and our belief that the world and our organization are enriched by the diversity of our cultures and experiences. We strive toward a world of understanding and mutual support.

We recognize and attempt to bridge the growing gulf in our society between rich and poor, privileged and neglected. Working with girls and young women, we also endeavor to eliminate sexism, racism, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination.  We celebrate the similarities and differences among girls and embrace girls of every background and ability.  Each girl’s specific strengths and experiences can enrich us all.  We respect the diverse forms and structures of family in which today’s girls are loved and supported.

We believe that girls are sisters: discrimination targeted toward some girls not only hinders their achievement but diminishes the strength of sisterhood for all. We are committed to building an organization and a society that recognize diversity and celebrate all girls.