Growth & Development

Sexuality education begins early.  Your child has been learning about values, expectations, attitudes and behaviors from you and other adults since she was very young.  She learns as much from what you DO as from what you say.  She also learns from what you DON’T say.  As your child grows and her world widens, she continues to learn from friends, TV, culture, religion, movies and videos, music and society in general.

A good understanding of normal growth and development can help you better understand your child.  This understanding will make you more effective as you answer questions and start discussions.  Click on the links below to learn more about growth and development at different ages.

kids0 – 3 Years
4 – 5 Years
6 – 8 Years
9 – 12 Years
13 – 17 Years
18 Years and over
Male Anatomy and Physiology
Female Anatomy and Physiology
Diagram of the Male Reproductive System
Diagram of the Female Reproductive System