The Healthy Sexuality Curriculum

Unlike our other core programs, Healthy Sexuality is taught both on-site at our center, and off-site by highly-trained Healthy Sexuality staff members. Interested in what topics our Healthy Sexuality curriculum covers? Take a look below!

On-Site Curriculum

Throughout our After School and Summer Sessions, Girls Inc. staff offer Healthy Sexuality programming to members. All information is research-based, age-specific and designed to supplement the conversations between girls and their families.

Informed Together (Ages 9-11): The goal of this curriculum is to deepen essential conversations about sexuality between girls and their parents/caregivers. Girls will learn about:

  • kindness, understanding, empathy, love, and communication in all aspects of life, including friends, family, crushes, and future dating relationships.
  • sexual and gender identity at the individual and global levels.
  • how to voice concerns about the biology of the body, including anatomy, puberty, menstruation, reproduction, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
  • how to make good decisions about interacting with people online around sexual issues like body image, dating, and sexual identity.

Informed and In Charge (Ages 12-14): The goal of this curriculum is to identify, establish and cultivate healthy relationships through assertiveness and negotiation skills. Girls will learn about:

  • ways to demonstrate respect, equity, and fairness.
  • appreciating their own bodies, expressing sexuality in ways that align with personal values, developing critical thinking skills, and practicing effective decision making.
  • opportunities to communicate about their bodies and their values around sex and decision making in order to be sexually healthy.
  • exploring the role media and technology plays in girls’ sexual development.

Off-Site Curriculum

During the school year, middle and high schools in Wayne and Union Counties invite Girls Inc. to their schools to offer our Healthy Sexuality program to both boys and girls. We offer age-specific program that’s tailored to the specific needs of each classroom.

To request a review of materials used in class, please email Ashlynn McKee, Outreach Manager at