2016 Bold Honoree

The Women’s Fund

The Women’s Fund was established through the Wayne County Foundation to support creative and innovative efforts to enhance the lives of women and girls. The Fund has provided over $130,000 in grants that give opportunities, encouragement, knowledge, and hope to women and girls. The Fund strives to empower women and girls to become strong, active citizens and provided seed money to create The Women’s Resource Network. The flexible structure of the Women’s Fund is designed to give credibility to women’s philanthropy and women’s challenges, assure sustainability, maximize community impact and ensure grantee success.

After co-founders Mary Jo Clark and Pat Heiny created the fund, an Advisory Board was established comprised of local women who care deeply about the issues of women and girls. Current Advisory Board members include: Mary Jo Clark, Pat Heiny, Susan Isaacs, Marilyn Love, Amanda Marquis, Carol McKey, Natalie Richert, Stephanie Serna, Robin Weinert, Valerie Westbrook, and Teri Wiggans.

Congratulations, Women’s Fund!